Aug 4, 2009

So I am in love with these kids! I absolutely love it here! And it is going to be sooo hard to leave! I feel like I am a mom to every single one of them! Its sooo weird but Its not like they are kids that I just baby sit or hang out with. I am with them literally all day, I feed them I change them I bathe them I put them to bed.. they call me mama. It was cute today when I walked in to wake them up in the morning this little girl she is 2 her name is myra anyway she was like ana ana ana! over and over again and it caught me off gaurd because i didnt think she knew my name they always just call me mama or chica but now all of the little kids are learning my name its really cute they call me ana nana for banana i love it! but I have a special love for each one of them! i wish i could adopt them all! :( it has been really fun to get to know each one of their little personalities. So I had my first hospital shift a week ago it was the most sad experience i think i have ever had.. This darling little 2 yr old black boy was found in a dumpster and he was brought in to the hospital because he was really malnutritioned and he didnt have anyone to take care of him there so they had us do shifts with him there.. I was the first girl to have shift with him and I was there with him all day.. it was really interesting to see how different the hospital was but it is a free childrens hospital so we were there in a room with like 20 other kids.. but this poor little boy was soo dirty and he smelled and he had sores all over his body! I dont think he had been bathed ever in his life. his poor little legs were stuck bent. He could not bend them straight! (his ligaments in his legs were just sooo tight because he never used his legs) and it was horrible, I had to take him down to get x rays and he just cried when we pushed his legs down to x ray them. So I spent the whole day with this littl boy and then when this girl came up to get me he wouldnt let her touch him, he just wanted me to hold him and he was totally happy all day he didnt cry at all except when we did the x rays, but when I went to leave he started crying and it was the most sad thing I have ever seen, I just started balling in the hospital. He had this sad little face and great big tears, I felt like he thought I was abandoning him. There was a lady there named michelle who had a little boy that was sick in the hospital and I made friends with her because she spoke english, so I gave josue to hold while I left and he still just cried! I balled the whole way home, but I have been visiting him throughout the week and he was doing really good for a while, I brushed his dirty little teeth and used a whole bottle of lotion on him, and have been working with his legs. ( he is getting more flexible) but we just found out tonight that he has namonia and has been really sick so keep him in your prayers.. I will try to keep you updated on how he is doing.

Jul 23, 2009

Nurse Sandra

So for the last two days I have been very sick.. It has not been fun. I woke up Wednesday morning at like 5 am and started throwing up every half hr! It was horrible and after my tenth time of running into the bathroom I passed out! Not making it to the toilet.. people found me lying on the bathroom floor, half of my body in the shower (don’t know how I got in the shower?) and throw up all over me :( and other things…(I knew right when I woke up) it was pretty embarrassing but funny at the same time. This little Ecuadorian lady who doesn’t know much English was standing above me when I woke up and I’m just lying there on the floor and she was like “ es poo poo” and I couldn’t help but laugh it was soo sad and pathetic it was funny.. any ways I am doing really good now I slept for two days and I think I lost ten pounds which is good because I probably gained 15 sense I have been here.. I have been really bad at updating my blog so I am going to try to cram a lot of info into one. There is this lady at SVP Nurse Sandra who scares the heck out of me! She is just scary looking and she is always yelling, even when she talks she yells! And all the kids love her I’ts soo weird.. anyways we were outside playing when this lady came running at me with a tree branch yelling at me and I had no idea what for! She was yelling toss toss chica! No asi! Blah blah blah she went off! And Im thinking what in the world did I do!? Come to find out that she has this little game she plays with the kids to get there attention.?? Weird game if you ask me.. but she stomps here feet and points her finger at me and yells and the kids copy her. ( fun game huh) lets see what else has happened?? Oh I have another humiliating but funny story you will have to ask me in person tho and I might tell you..( u never know who reads these blogs??) just remind me its about my first week changing diapers. We have our field trip to the Equator tomorrow I am way excited but I better get some sleep Love you all! Chow!

Jul 10, 2009

we take these handicap kids out for the afternoon so that their caregiver can have a little break. So we take them on a walk to buy pan(bread) and feed them cheetos and juice, and take them to the park! They love it! They are really sweet kids, it was kind of hard for me at first because I have never worked with handicap kids and I was not that comfortable with it but they really are fun and very smart kids.

Jul 3, 2009

Jul 1, 2009

the little boy who stole my sucker!

Its anna, sorry i havent written you at all.. our internet and phones have been down.. my family has been freaking out lol. but i am alive and well :) i havent even been sick at all! The food here is great by the way.. I dont know why everone was telling me that i was going to loose soo much weight.. haha I feel like Im going to gain like ten pounds while im here... but its seriously has been soo great. the first couple of days were kind of tough to get use to but the kids are awsome! I love them to death! the kids im working with are from new born to 2yrs old I worked my first night shift yesterday! it was sooo long! 14 hrs and you are seriously up all night changing diapers and feeding babies..and then today I went to work at a different orphanage where the kids live in families where they have a¨"mom" who gets paid to live there with them and then they probably have like ten kids in a casa. it was really sad they were really dirty and the little ones would just pee there pants and they wouldnt change them :( .it was funny we were reading them books today.. i read them all the book you gave me ! they loved it .they would like fight over it everytime we finished reading it. but anyways I brought suckers with me in my sweatshirt and these little kids would pretend like I hadnt given them a sucker and would beg for them .there were 50 kids and i only brought enough for one each but this little sneaky kid he was like 3 was like leaning on me and asked me to read to him and he very sneakily ( i made that word up) took a sucker out of my pocket! lol I couldnt believe it he tricked me into reading to him! ha but it was way fun the kids would read a page to me and then i would read a pg to them.. they were like correcting me on my pronunciation lol.

Jun 5, 2009

Hi everyone! I am leaving for Ecuador in two weeks! I am soo excited I really need an adventure right now.. my awesome cousin Natalie designed this blog for me to keep you all updated on what i am doing in Ecuador these next couple of months.. Thanks soo much to everyone who has helped sponsor me to go, I would not be able to go if i didnt get so much help from everone. The generosity I have received amazes me thanks soo much guys.. I want you all to be able to see what I am doing there..I don't really know what to expect either so it will be interesting. And now for the next two weeks I'm stuck at home :) jk its nice to be home with the family.. My cousin Alexa/(ex roomie) is getting married and my other cousin Ashley is going to leave on a mission! Crazy i am soo excited for both of them but I'm sad cuz i thought we were going to have sooo much fun living together but now The Three A's are officially broke up:(
sad day.. but seriously guys im excited :) congratulations to the both of you! welp i dont really know how to blog very well but i will try to be good at writting on here. Love you all!